Work Experience

As well as having the ability to work calmly under pressure and to meet deadlines, I can work unsupervised and take the initiative while collaborating within a team. I am flexible and creative when necessary while also being diplomatic. I also am a good listener and take instructions well.


• 6 months part-time work with the UNIQ Digital Oxford University’s online learning scheme in Experimental Psychology

• 3 months part time working as an editorial advisor on a novel (‘Forged’ by Deborah Cox, Claret Press):
– Proof-reading for typos and inconsistencies / plot-holes
– Advising on characterisation, title, and the potential readership / market
– Providing a commentary / review summarising the main thematic strengths

• 4 days assisting at the Oxfordshire Community Psychological Medicine Service OCPMS +/- additional clinics in other settings


• A week as a Nursery Assistant at The Lake Street Community Playgroup helping the less able young learners with their reading and social skills
• X foot bunjy jump